When you don't know what your business is really worth, you are flying blind.

Unfortunately, most business owners make this mistake.

Don't let that be you!

Find out now with a FREE Broker’s Opinion of Value.

Too often, business owners simply don’t know the true value of their enterprise, which may lead to significant financial loss when they sell it for less than they should have. That's where we can help. By ensuring you have an accurate understanding of your business's real value, you can confidently navigate negotiations, make necessary adjustments to garner a higher selling price and secure your financial future.

Thinking about selling your business?


When you don't know what your business is really worth, you are flying blind.


Unfortunately, most business owners make this mistake.

Don't fly blind, call us now!

Don't let that be you!

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Always demand these 7 qualities from your Florida Business Broker!

It’s essential to have a fair and realistic assessment of your business's value in order to make informed decisions regarding pricing, negotiations, and overall strategy to maximize your chances of executing a successful sale or acquisition. Undervaluing a business may lead to a quicker sale but lost earnings, while overpricing usually results in no sale at all.

Hire a business broker with the expertise needed to accurately determine the true value of your business


A knowledgeable broker can often identify important areas of improvement, suggest strategic changes, and provide guidance on enhancing operational efficiency, financial analysis and reporting, strategic planning, branding and marketing, as well as customer and supplier relationships which can significantly enhance the overall value of your business and attract qualified potential buyers.

Select a broker who can advise on improvements and changes that will increase the value of your business


It is absolutely critical to safeguard the continuity and stability of your business operations. By ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential, you protect the trust of your staff, customers, and suppliers, minimizing potential disruptions, maintaining business relationships, and preserving the value of your business during the selling process.

Stipulate that your broker maintains strict confidentiality to avoid disruptions to your operations and protect your staff, customers, or suppliers


A tailored marketing approach should account for the unique aspects and target audience of your business, ensuring that it reaches the most relevant and interested buyers, thereby maximizing the potential for a successful sale and achieving optimal value for your business.

Look for a broker who will develop a customized marketing strategy for your business to attract the right buyers


Selling a business you've built is not only time consuming but can be emotionally challenging. By entrusting your broker with marketing, negotiations, and other sales-related tasks, you can save valuable time and resources, ensuring that your business continues to operate smoothly while benefiting from the expertise and dedicated attention of your broker in executing a successful transaction.

Require your broker to manage the entire selling process, allowing you to focus on running your business


With the proper experience, the ideal broker will create a competitive bidding environment to leverage multiple offers and identify those who are serious and offer certainty of execution. Throughout the process, they should provide valuable insights to help you select the ideal buyer to align with your goals, mitigate risks, and maximize the value of your business.

Choose a broker experienced in generating multiple offers and vetting serious, financially capable potential buyers


A knowledgeable broker will guide you in gathering and organizing the necessary documents and information, anticipating and addressing potential issues, and facilitating a comprehensive due diligence process, ultimately increasing buyer confidence and improving the likelihood of a smooth, successful transaction.

Insist on a broker who is prepared for due diligence and the closing process to eliminate "last minute" surprises


What you should know about Florida Business Brokers & Advisors…

We offer a free value appraisal!

Our proprietary valuation techniques uncover the hidden value in your financial statements to recognize the full potential of your business sale.

There’s no upfront cost to you!

We are paid a commission on the sale price of the business, which means we don’t get paid until you do. Even our valuation services are 100% FREE.

We help you plan ahead!

Even if you are just considering the possibility of selling your business it’s not too early to call us. Better planning will help you sell and keep more.



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